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Quick start guide

Getting started with Errordite couldn't be simpler. Once you have signed up follow the steps below to start using Errordite in your applications.

1. Get your application token

When you signed up, an Errordite Application was created. To find its token, just go to the applications page.

2. Configure your code

If you are using .net, the best way to send errors to Errordite is to use the Errordite client. We recommend you download it from Nuget. Search for "Errordite" in the package manager or at nuget.org. If you prefer, you can download the binaries directly from GitHub here. For more information, see the help page.

The minimal configuration is the following:

        <section name="errordite" type="Errordite.Client.Configuration.ClientConfiguration, Errordite.Client" />

        token="**your token here**"
        endpoint="https://www.errordite.com/receiveerror" />

If you are using a different technology, click out our other supported clients.

3. Start managing your errors!

Once your application starts generating errors you will receive notifications of issues being created via email and via your dashboard in Errordite.