Making sense of
your errors Try Errordite for free

Errordite receives all your application errors and groups together those that are the same - automatically or with rules you define. You then decide how to progress the errors. You can fix them, ignore them, or wait and see how often the error occurs.

How it works...

Configure Errordite
1. Simply configure your application to use one of the Errordite clients...
Currently available for .net and Python.
More technologies coming soon.
Wait for errors
2. Wait for errors to come in - you'll be alerted online and via email...
But it's smart - you won't be swamped
Errors are intelligently grouped
3. Errordite intelligently groups the errors into discrete issues...
The grouping rules are clearly shown - you can also change them
User assignment
4. You assign the issues to your own development team...
Issue workflow
5. Once you're done, mark your issues as solved...
If an issue recurs we'll let you know immediately
Other features
6. Also... graphs, alerts, HipChat & Campfire integration, fast full text search and much more!
Watch the video for an overview